Skilled Wizard

Lindsay, wind chaser, lover of wine, white sands and all places warm. She's constantly chasing the next big adventure and dragging her husband along on what she considers to be a social experiment. Her muggle duties entail helping children and rescuing fur kids, while secretly moonlighting as a skilled wizard and travel connoisseur. Her thirst for distance lands found via unpaved roads has led them into some compromising scenarios, but they vowed to follow each other to ends of the world and so they go in search of it; every time getting a little closer yet that much farther.


Sith Lord

Once upon a time in star system far far away, a Sith Lord met a Skilled Wizard and fell in love. He was a lover of all things dark and low, while she rayed sunshine and warmth. He vowed to follow her and so she takes him. Together they’re conquering the world, one passport stamp at time.

“Where there is love there is life.”

Just Married